Our Approach


We care deeply about the work we do, because it takes a personal, intentional touch to care well for people.


Our hands-on approach is modeled in every interaction we have with individuals and large groups across the region.


Our work is personal and goal-oriented to help both individuals and organizations reach their unique goals.


As a locally-owned organisation, we value in-person interactions that are genuine and tailored to meet your needs.


We put a high value on maintaining excellence and efficiency in our staff’s skill-level and daily practices.

Our Story

Feeding one’s own family well isn't always easy. Planning and creating healthy meals that everyone likes can be challenging. And it isn't just about what food you are serving...it's also about how you are feeding. Food battles at the dinner table are no fun. Maybe you have turned into a short order cook because you have some picky eaters in the house. Maybe you have a teen who has suddenly decided to become a vegetarian. Or perhaps you are struggling with your own food issues, and you are tired of all of the conflicting information on the internet.

I am a mother. I get it. I have 2 girls, and I have learned a lot on my parenting journey. I understand the challenges of fitting healthy meals into a busy lifestyle. As a nutritionist with over 18 years of experience, I will work with you to find creative (and evidence-based) solutions to these issues. I love teaching people how important, easy, and delicious nutritious eating can be.

My philosophy is that all foods can fit. I take a non-diet approach and focus more on intuitive eating and building a healthy relationship with food. I love to work with children because this is where that healthy relationship begins! No individual or family is the same. That's why I tailor each nutrition consultation to meet your unique needs. Nutrigen Wellness Consulting is a family-based private practice that provides each client with the tools and the support they need.

Meet the Team

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Dr Kanchan Singh

Founder & CEO

Dr Kanchan Singh, qualified dietitian nutritionist and yoga teacher offers individual and small group consulting. By combining her years of eating disorder experience with her yoga training, Kanchan uses the body as a source of healing for her clients. Specifically, she uses nutrition & yoga to help her clients improve negative body image, transform their relationship with food and tap into their inner resources to create calm in their lives.


Eric Teagan

Vice President

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Timothy Barrett


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